How to get an entry-level job as an Analytics System Engineer

04 October 2016

As a fresh graduate with an interest in analytics, you can get an entry-level position as an Analytics Systems Engineer if you have some key skills to prototype, build, test, deploy and maintain analytics systems.

Python is the highest-ranked way to build analytics systems, with JavaScript for data visualization and user interfaces. There are other languages and technologies, of course, but the combination of Python and JavaScript gets you into a job, and then you can continue to learn while you earn.

This is how you can quickly acquire Python and JavaScript skills:

  1. Python & pandas
  2. JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML & CSS

If you acquire these skills, you can get a job in analytics.

Additional pointers: 

  1. Techniques and tools necessary to manipulate and analyze large datasets and summarize conclusions:
  2. Python & pandas
  3. JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML & CSS

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