Design for Decision Analytics Effectiveness

Shift your perspective: instead of "converting data to insights” think of "getting business outcomes from analytics”

Innovation for Decision Analytics Effectiveness

Use our skilled resources to apply analytics to improve your business performance. Analyze, test, and iterate to build analytics solutions.

Decision Analytics System Build and Run

Deploy big data analytics tools with modular design and extensibility needed for rapid implementation and fast changes.

Decision Analytics Center Build and Run

Set up the capability (people, processes & systems) to provide analytics in your organization: a Decision Analytics Center.

How can Organizations Make Better Decisions?

The question that drives us: what does it take to make better decisions?

We exist to find the answers and to put the answers to work for organizations.

We embed the answers into our solutions:

  • Perspective: build a decision architecture for your business and define decision analytics use cases that improve your organization’s decision processes
  • Expertise: use decision analytics & data analytics professionals to build analytics tools and processes
  • Systems: develop decision analytics systems to automate and enable your processes and tools to make better decisions 
  • Capability: combine the decision analytics perspective, expertise, and systems into a Decision Analytics Center for your organization

We build an innovative analytics platform with CoBots (collaborative bots) that run decision analytics processes at enterprise scale.

We publish the methods to help people understand and use decision analytics processes:

  • Business Analytics: A Practitioner's Guide (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science). This is a recommended book for the INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional certification.   BUY NOW!   AMAZON   SPRINGER
  • The Analytics Asset, Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on Leadership in Global Business   BUY NOW!   IGI GLOBAL

Decision Analytics

Making the right decisions consistently across the organization requires decision-making and execution processes and tools. The fields of Operations Research and Management Science provide the methods required for this. Decision analytics provides systematic methods to convert data to advice, advice to actions, actions to results, and results to adaptation. CoBot Systems solutions makes this affordable.

We already rely on decision analytics – people routinely use GPS and maps to get directions. The next frontier is to transform business decision-making.

Decision analytics builds upon earlier transformations of the lower stages. (1) Information digitization is widespread and increasing, data now flows in from business systems, social media and distributed computers. (2) Data analytics has been transformed too: exponentially larger data of different types can be processed rapidly. Big data analytics and business intelligence platforms proliferate.

Decision analytics is used to drive results from data in a continual and adaptive cycle. Data analytics generates insights needed for the decision analytics.