B2B Sales Operations Excellence

You coordinate the efforts of various go-to-market functions, processes, and systems to drive customer acquisition, retention, deals, revenue and margin.Each system provides lots of data, but you have to put it together to determine how best to prioritize opportunities, assign territories, set targets, etc.

CoBots ensure that your decisions are guided by the best practice advice based on up-to-date information. This drives consistency, discipline and learning loops to continuously improve sales operations, as CoBots never get tired of continually producing the same reports with the same cross-checking, and never miss out on any of the patterns that your team looks for.

  • Insights:As each customer and each opportunity is different, a key to improve your chances may be accurate segmentation using CoBots, so that an appropriate sales process may be applied … one size may not fit all
  • Advice: Support all actions with advice. Provide findings and recommendations to the right people at the right time … drive consistent decisions and actions
  • Adaptation:Induce discipline in the process, and also enable experimentation that can reveal a better way … learn from wins and losses; run learning loops from insight-to-results

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