The CoBot Systems platform is built to support decision analytics at an enterprise scale and scope. Its functionality addresses the end-to-end requirements of Decision Analytics:

Data Hub

  • Data loading, cleansing, and inter-connection with real-time data updates
  • Ingest and manage structured data, unstructured data, and master data
  • Data cleansing and data governance on-the-fly


  • Visualizations & Dashboards
  • Clustering, Correlations, & Forecasting
  • Opportunity Mining & Next Best Action
  • Decision trees/chains, influence diagrams, Bayesian networks
  • Optimize & Recommend the Best Actions


  • Decision-points metadata: what decision at which point, by who, when, with what information, and how
  • Decision-maker metadata: decision rights, subscription and messaging preferences
  • Advice delivery: push recommendations, alerts and reports to subscribers at the decision points


  • Decision logs
  • Adoption gaps: advice-to-decision & decision-to-action


  • Decision Point Value Realization Analysis
  • Design of Experiments, Control/ Experiment, Champion/ Challenger& Lift Analysis
  • Model Errors & Opportunities (Preventive Maintenance of Analytics Models)
  • Decision Architecture Effectiveness: gaps, overlaps, coverage, and value

CoBots manage decision cycles: the process of decision analytics.