Finance Operations Excellence

You use data from several sources to track revenues and expenses, make forecasts, locate cost and capacity variances, and monitor policy conformance, so that you can take action.You issue policies to control costs and improve business predictability but non-conformance dilutes the effects.

With CoBots, you can convert policies into conformance. For instance, if the policy says, "travel bookings to be made two weeks in advance whenever practicable,‚ÄĚthen a CoBot can help drive conformance and hard savings.

Unused capacity (excess fat) piles up unseen over time, draining margin. Cost center accounting tracks cost variances and not excess capacity; so, capacity excess/shortfall is often not visible. This leads to imbalances like these:

  • A service team has 50 people and no variance to budget, but work for only 35 people
  • A logistics group can only afford 27 trucks even though orders are getting delayed
  • Cost per service-ticket has increased 76% compared to the previous year

Finance Operational Excellence enables you to locate cost and capacity variances early so that you can minimize drastic and unnecessary rebalancing later.


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