Operate [Decision Analytics Center]

Decision Analytics Center Build and Run

Set up an Analytics Center for your organization, rapidly and effectively.

Business leaders seek to build capability to create and use analytics for competitive advantage. The best "Analytics Centers of Excellence” have evolved to improve decision effectiveness, turning into "Decision Analytics Centers”. CoBot Systems has the experience, methods, talent and tools to design, build and run the center for you with best-in-class results and minimum cost.

  • Augment your existing team or set up a new team (rapid scale and capability acquisition)
  • Decision Scientists and Analytics Experts to design and run decision analytics practices (talent and method)
  • Use our Platform to deliver faster and better results at a lower cost (develop, deploy, operate, and maintain the decision analytics systems)

Why you need a Decision Analytics Center

A Decision Analytics Center enables application of analytics to improve decisions. This uses a decision architecture perspective to combine a range of skills, tools and knowledge into an organizational capability:

  • Rapid mobilization and ramp up
  • Decision analytics talent and its effective organization and management
  • Systems to automate, enable and support the decision analytics processes
  • Proven delivery process and methodology to improve decision effectiveness by providing relevant analytics to the right people at the right time

What is the Decision Analytics Center Build and Run solution?

Innovation for Decision Analytics Effectiveness is a solution offering. Experts work with your people, data, and systems to build and run a decision analytics capability. The capability includes the talent, systems, and practices required to provide decision analytics with reliability, effectiveness, efficiency, and scale. The use of CoBots for automating analytics tasks frees up our analysts to drive innovation and change, which in turn lets us use high-quality talent that likes to leverage their talent for maximum impact. They do the job of human analysts, and transfer bot jobs to CoBots.

  • Develop the decision architecture to focus and monitor the decision analytics capability, use the architectural perspective to set objectives and plan
  • Define the decision analytics projects and processes required to execute the center’s plan
  • Staff the decision analytics projects and processes
  • Set up the infrastructure, software, hardware, operations, management and support processes
  • Run the decision analytics center and guide it to deliver value to the organization by improving decisions

How is the Decision Analytics Center Build and Run solution delivered?

The project starts with a review of the organization’s needs and current capabilities for decision analytics. Build the project plan to build the decision analytics capability that the organization needs, and execute the plan. The solution includes building and operating the decision analytics capability, including people, processes, and technology.

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