CoBot Systems for Decision Analytics

Our mission is to enable organizations to make better decisions using decision analytics.

A new design method and systems architecture is required for decision analytics. The system must link insights into a decision cycle through the stages from advice to adaptation. Rapid adaptation is best supported by an architecture of modules strung together in decision cycles. Each module must operate autonomously and collaboratively. So we created the CoBot System that runs as a set of collaborative bots (a "bot” is an autonomous machine).

A CoBot is a collaborative bot. The CoBot Systems solution for decision analytics includes people, process, and technology.

Each CoBot is focused on one decision, so it can be rapidly designed and deployed, and is also easy to maintain and update. The collection of CoBots is loosely coupled and acts as an enterprise-class system to support an entire business or a subset such as a function or a business unit. A system of CoBots has the advantage of both large-scale coordination and rapid modular adaptability. We use fast, scalable, reliable, extensible and maintainable technology to make CoBots.

Don’t settle for just data analytics – contact us for decision analytics. With data analytics you can hope to get actionable insights. Add decision analytics to get effective decisions, with processes that drive results and enable continuous adaptation.

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